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June 10th, 2024

HEY I HAVE NEWS. I've decided to offically put together and post the page for the cool fantasy serial webnovel I've had cooking for a while! You can take a gander here! Right now, there's a lot missing, but I plan to update everything over the next two months before release! Stay tuuuuned...

Current update: The species page on the World of the Empire page has been posted! Read here!

New Tales

Lestaria: Depart's page has been posted! Check it out in the story directory or the link above.

Current progress:

Moderating An Original Character Flame Blog Is Not The Key To Happiness: I've officially posted an offline version you can buy for 2.99! Otherwise, this project is finally complete.

Lestaria: Departing from the Harbor of Memories: Finished writing, currently editing. Nothing much to say there. I'll likely post it around the end of June, though there's much more to come as well...